Are eggs safe for anemics?


image adapted from Wikipedia


Eggs are best known delicacy especially in omelette,pancakes,cakes and among others.East african dishes often comprise scrambled eggs eaten along  with vegetables and Ugali.In our diet, they provide sufficient proteins and minerals to our body which provide energy for our daily activities and prevent malnutrition.The high biological value proteins in eggs(ovalbumin) promotes quick healing in patients.Thus,they form highly significant diets for non-vegeterians,ovo-vegans,lacto-ovo vegans.e.t.c

Many individuals on low cholesterol diet are quite familiar with the egg yolk(the yellow central part of bird’s egg),due to the linked controversy of egg yolks potentiating increased effects of blood pressure.Several independent researches today reveal that eggs are indeed  good for heart as long as their intake is moderated/restricted egg per 24 hours.Phosphovitin/phosvitin is an important component of egg yolk known to inhihit blood coagulation.They perform similar activities as those equally the same as heart medications;warfarin.These phosphated proteins are not quite friendly to people(anemic lacto-ovo and ovo-vegans) who solely rely on iron supplied by food plants.These group of people tend to suffer from micronutrients deficiencies such as folate/folic acid,zinc,calcium and Magnesium due to the small traces in vegetables.They often feel fatigued,nauseated,depressed,have impaired neurocognition and dementia.

A combination meal of eggs and vegetables tend to reduce bioavailability(absorption) of iron and calcium,Y kobayashi and other independent researchers reveal.The best eating habit  at all times include; citrus fruits,Guavas,green pepper(when tolerated) with combination meals comprising eggs and vegetables.These fruits and foods are high in ascorbic acids(vitamin C) which prevents iron binding with phosvitin.Through this action,iron is made available to the body cells for synthesis of hemoglobin,component of Red blood cells and oxygen binding protein.Other options for making iron available to our body cells is through supplementation and avoiding iron binding substances:phosvitin(egg yolks),phytates (soy),tannic acids(caffeinated beverages;tea and coffee).


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